• International Journal of Nanoelectronics and Materials (IJNeaM)

    IJNeaM aims to publish original work of importance in the fields of nanoscience and engineering. Topics covered including Theoretical, Simulation, Synthesis, Design and Fabrication of Nanomaterials and Nanodevices; Metals, Insulators, and Semiconductors with a focus on Electronic, Structural, Magnetic, Optical, Thermal, Transport, Mechanical and other properties for the specialists in Engineering, Chemistry, Physics and Materials Science. IJNeaM accepts submission in the form of Reviews, Research Articles, Short Communications, and selected conference papers.

  • International Journal of Business and Technopreneurship (IJBT)

    The International Journal of Business and Technopreneurship (IJBT)  launched  its first issue in February 2011. IJBT is dedicated to increasing the depth of the subject across business disciplines with the ultimate aim of expanding knowledge of the subject. The IJBT is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal (ISSN 2231-7090) published by the Department of Business, Faculty of Business & Communication, Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP). The journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence, and will publish original articles in basic and applied research, Case studies, Critical reviews, surveys, opinions, commentaries, and essays. The IJBT aims to be a catalyst for expanding knowledge in the areas of business and technopreneurship.

  • Applied Mathematics and Computational Intelligence (AMCI)

    Applied Mathematics and Computational Intelligence (AMCI), the official publication of Institute of Engineering Mathematics, Universiti Malaysia Perlis. AMCI is peer-reviewed and published as an online open-access journal as well as in printed copy. The journal welcomes original and significant contributions in the area of applied mathematics and computational intelligence. It emphasises on empirical or theoretical foundations, or their applications to any field of investigation where mathematics and computational intelligence techniques are used. The journal is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of mathematicians, computer scientists and engineers in academic or industrial research.

  • Advanced and Sustainable Technologies (ASET)

    Advanced and Sustainable Technologies (ASET) [eISSN: 2976-2294]  is an engineering technology journal with scholarly open-access and published two issues per year (in June and December) by Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) Press. ASET is an international journal initiated by the Malaysian Technical University Network. This journal was launched by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Technology, UniMAP, in September 2021. ASET focuses on articles that contribute new knowledge and application in Advanced and Sustainable Technology and publishing original research articles. ASET covers all areas of Advanced Applied Mechanics and Electronics (Mechanical and Manufacturing, Electrical and Electronics, Telecommunication and Computer Technologies), Sustainable Infrastructure and Environment (Construction and Infrastructure, Chemical and Biotechnologies, Industrial Safety, and Sustainable Technologies).

  • International Journal of Biomass Utilization and Sustainable Energy (IJBUSE)

    The International Journal of Biomass Utilization and Sustainable Energy (IJBUSE) aim is to engage and disseminate knowledge in all the related areas of utilization of biomass, waste to wealth conversion, bioenergy, biotransformations and bioresource systems analysis, and technologies associated with conversion or production. For Bioenergy Processes, fermentations, thermochemical conversions, liquid and gaseous fuels, and petrochemical substitutes are also discussed. Types of papers published are: Full-length original research papers; Short communications; Review articles; Letters to the Editor.

  • Malaysian Journal of Ergonomics (MJEr)

    The Malaysian Journal of Ergonomics (MJEr) is a peer-reviewed journal published biannually. It includes article reviews, research papers, short communications and selected conference papers in a special issue on the user-centered design, human factors, ergonomics, occupational safety and health and mental and emotion health. 

    Topics covers are (but not limited to):

    Posture, Anthropometry, Biomechanics, Material Handling, Physical & Cognitive Ergonomics, Human Computer Interaction, Office Ergonomics, Methods in Ergonomics, Ergonomics Design, Ergonomics Program Management, Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders, Automotive, Industrial Ergonomics, Low-Cost Ergonomics Improvement, Driving Ergonomics, Ergonomics in SMI, Agriculture, Construction, Manufacturing, Safety, Health etc.

    MJEr currently indexed by Malaysian Citation Centre, Ministry of Higher Education, MALAYSIA

  • Journal of Human Development and Communication (JoHDeC)

    Journal of Human Development and Communication (JoHDeC) is a refereed journal published by the Center for Communication Technology and Human Development, UniMAP. The main objective of JoHDeC is to provide an intellectual platform for the international scholars. JoHDeC aims to promote interdisciplinary studies in humanities and social science and become the leading journal in social science in the world. The journal publishes research papers in the fields of Operation Management, Strategic Management, Technology Management, Communication and Languages, ICT, Economy, Entrepreneurship and Technopreneur, Co-curriculum Education, Culture, Literature and Arts, Civilization and Religions, Psychology and Sociology, Occupational Health and Safety, Soft Skills and Leadership, Values and Patriotism and so on. The journal is published in online versions. JoHDeC publishes original papers, review papers, conceptual framework, analytical and simulation models, case studies, empirical research, technical and notes. Special Issues devoted to important topics in humanities and social science will occasionally be published. Entrepreneurship innovation and research strategies, tactics and tools of both theoretical and practical nature are welcome.

  • Journal of Engineering Research and Education (JERE)

    Journal of Engineering Research and Education (JERE) is an annually engineering journal, scholarly open access and published by the publication of Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP). JERE is focusing on theories, methods, and applications in Engineering Research and Education. JERE covers all areas of Engineering Research and Education, publishing refereed original research articles. Articles preferably should focus on new methods, report or research, review or research, latest research findings and innovative practices in the engineering field.

  • Journal of Communication in Scientific Inquiry (JCSI)

    Journal of Communication in Scientific Inquiry (JCSI) is a biannually social science journal, scholarly open access and published by the publication of University Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP). This particular journal demonstrates competitive advantages against its counterparts as it emphasises on the use of new technologies with focus on ‘internet of things’ (iOT) in education. The journal’s visibility is amplified by drawing on high quality characteristics, distributed coverage, knowledge coreness and exclusivity of cutting edge issues. This will indirectly lead to indexing in well-recognised scientific data base such as Scopus or ISI which will promote it to a much higher level of quality in time.

  • International Journal of Advanced Communication Technology (IJACT)

    International Journal of Advanced Communication Technology (IJACT) is a peer-reviewed international journal published once a year. IJACT currently registered on MyJurnal website. IJACT includes original research papers, short notes on theoretical and experimental research in English and selected conference papers in a special issue on the state of research and technical development in photonics, wireless and computing fields.